AltCoin Trends is SCAM – Review Shows Dangerous TRUTH!

Is Altcoin Trends a SCAM or Legit Cryptocurrency Trading Software?

Altcoin Trends by Andrew Frost speaks of being a trading software focusing on cryptocurrency with INSANE potential. Claims such as having a 93% accuracy rate on trading with potential profits of $1,350 to $3,700 by Altcoin Trends Members. Isn’t that really attractive as an alternative to making some extra income online?

Of course, it is! If and only if Altcoin Trends actually is capable of doing that though. Unfortunately, Altcoin Trends Software is not a good tool to trade cryptocurrency at all. Not only that I have lost some money looking at poor trading results, I have also received several complaints.

On top of that, a deeper investigation on Altcoin Trends Software reveals several scam factors which are misleading and scam-like.

If you are seeking a good opportunity to trade cryptocurrency, obviously now is a good time. After the surge in Bitcoin’s price above $15,000 recently, other Altcoins have also at least double their worth these few days. Granting huge profit potential for even new investors that invested some money in it. The huge bullish (uptrend) is so strong that even non-investor has very likely made quite a lot of money from it.

But, can you expect to earn $1,350 to $3,700 per day daily from Altcoin Trends? The answer is no, and I’ve seen many scams that try to represent as a Get Rich Quick Scheme. And many times such scams that appear in trading applications doesn’t perform. Furthermore, my own testing session with this software was motivated by the uncertainty of some recommendation and complaints.

Hence I have chosen to give this a go to test it anyway. So check out below for more information on my findings!

Why is Altcoin Trends a SCAM?

In this particular case, I guess it is obvious to say that Altcoin Trends is clearly not a reliable trading system. Firstly, no legitimate trading service would have claimed to have an over 80% accuracy rate in trading. Altcoin Trends Scam that dares to represent a 93% win rate is so far-fetched that during my testing session I get a poor 40% win rate. I’ve invested $500 to test Altcoin Software. After which all it did was drained my account.

I have seen much better results from other trading software and would have performed better on my own. Even though realistic trading results will not see a 93% win rate, the logic behind claiming exaggerated profits causes suspicion. Simply because it is impossible to achieve. Plus, a typical Get Rich Quick Scheme always use such over promising claims to lure investors. Which Altcoin Trends subtly tries to position themselves in that manner too.

Nevertheless, although I did lose some money testing it, I’m glad to find some truth to this matter though.

In order to have some sort of reference to a potential sign of scam trading services, I’ll be sharing some scam factors on Altcoin Trends. It probably wouldn’t be able to surely tell whether a service is a scam, but definitely can work as a warning sign.

Altcoin Trends Software Result

Altcoin Trends Scam Elements Exposed!

Firstly, Altcoin Trends scam factors is a little more subtle compared to an outright “Be a Millionaire Scam”. Don’t be surprised though, there is a low-quality trading system that blatantly claims to make people millions from trading. So these type of lies is a no-brainer for you to avoid investing in. In the case of Altcoin Trends Scam, it is a little more subtle which prompts a testing session to find out its true performance.

Hence, one red flag that causes suspicion is the identity of Andrew Frost and his company Altcoin Trends. It appears that Altcoin Trends is not a real company that can be found in any database. Additionally, the hidden character Andrew Frost behind a voice narrator tells me that they are bogus.

I was a little turned off by one mistake Andrew made in the presentation too. Which quotes “Altcoin Trends only works with top 100 Altcoins such as bitcoin, etc“. For the record, Altcoin’s definition is any other digital currency besides Bitcoin. It does give off an impression that Andrew Frost doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Not to mention the so-called ‘demonstration’ in the presentation isn’t really a demonstration at all. To make matters worse, their trading results in the members’ area page doesn’t make sense. For instants, there are no details on entry and exit price of the asset besides the payout. The payout in options trading typically would be 60% to 85% but Altcoin Trends Scam shows a way bigger payout.

Which shouldn’t happen at all! For instance, the table shows a $437 payout on $54 trade value. In this case, a $54 trade value should give a payout between $86 to $100 value instead of $437! This is clearly exaggeration that tries to fool us. Or perhaps they don’t know what they are talking about here as well!

I believe that a demonstration video should be as transparent as possible with necessary trade histories. You can check my videos on some of the trading solution I used that works for me as your reference in the following segment!

Altcoin Trends

Altcoin Trend Review Verdict!

Judging from the poor test results alone, I can safely conclude that Altcoin Trends is a SCAM. It seems that the whole offer and presentation has hidden scam elements within that aims to mislead viewers. This adds to the bad reputation Altcoin Trends that is currently building up. Altcoin Trends is definitely not a reliable and profitable trading system. It will most likely to stay that way forever!

Online trading regardless of which financial instrument can be a sustainable business as long as we have the right knowledge and tools. My experience in trading so far has exposed me to both good and bad trading tools available online. As such, I would strongly suggest staying away from “Be millionaire scam” or Get rich quick frauds. It would be a total waste of your money. Losing money trading on your own would be of better value than giving it to scammers! Because you would learn something from your trade execution at least.

Anyway, if you are interested in looking for a reliable trading tool, check out the link BELOW. I have included a video demonstration for my readers as a reference as well!

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