Alpha Money Generator Scam Review! Swiss Bank’s Secret to Success?

Alpha Money Generator Actor Fake Scam

Alpha Money Generator is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Alpha Money Generator before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Alpha Money Generator has only recently been created and it offers binary options auto trading system! The webpage itself was created in February 2016 and it claims to have over 90% accuracy rate. They also claimed that it is the secret money making program that Swiss Banks uses. Unfortunately, we are extremely skeptical with it’s offer that it is trying to sell due several scam-like aspects in it’s webpage and offers. Please read our review as we reveal the suspicious facts that revolves around Alpha Money Generator.

Alpha Money Generator’s Scam Webpage

On our first impression, we are able to quickly identify several scam-like aspects paired with claims of this auto trading system has direct link with the Swiss Bank. We highly doubt that is true especially when we are unable to verify the existence of Alpha Money Generator GmbH. The commercial registry of Switzerland do not have any entity that is registered under that name and the mentioned License number. Hence, the claim that Alpha Money is registered, licensed and domiciled in Switzerland is fake! Viewers may visit here to attempt to search for Swiss based entity.

The endorsement badges that viewers are able to see claims that this system is awarded Best Choice award, British Software Awards and several other badges are also fake! Should the endorsement badge is genuine, viewers should be able to click the badge and it links to the third party. That would actually proves that the website is indeed endorsed by them.

The news article from Spiegel Online International stating that there was an interview with Fabian Samuel on the topic of Alpha Generation is also fake. We have attempted to visit the webpage based on the URL stated on top of the image and all we get is error code 404, URL not found. The same image also mentioned that the article was written on 25th June 2015, which by right we should have seen quite a few articles online about this trading system. But right now, we can only find mostly negative reviews which was only recently written. Besides that, the site was only recently created! Clearly a fake article right there!

The image has also markets that Alpha Generator is able to guarantee positive returns no matter what happens in the market. This means that when market changes it’s trend for fundamental reasons, the auto trading system is still able to thrive in such conditions. We find this claim highly unlikely, because there is no algorithm that is able to keep up with major events that drives the market. Another important pointer to pick up is that there is no such thing as guaranteed profits in the world of binary options trading or even other form of trading.

Alpha Money Generator’s Fake Founder and Testimonial

Let’s take a short look at Fabian Samuel, the alleged founder for this auto trading system. He claims to be a former product developer where he manage portfolios of his clients in one of Swiss finest investment house. Seems like he should be a very experienced person in the finance world especially when it comes to investment and gaining consistent profits. Little do our viewers know, Fabian Samuel is simply a fabricated character. Same can be said on the testimonial givers in Alpha Money Generator. We found that Fabian Samuel and the rest of the claimed Alpha Generation users are all Fiverr actos. Yes, that is right, every single one of them! It is highly unlikely that a person that offers spokesperson services through Fiverr be the claimed Fabian Samuel as he has mentioned in the video. It is easy to identify these actors as they are rather “famous” in Fiverr.

Alpha Money Generator Actor Fake Scam
Fiverr Actor Spotted in Alpha Money Generator SCAM! Fiverr name: kishameraa
Alpha Money Generator Fake Actor Scam Review
Another example of Fiverr Testimonials in Alpha Money Generator! Fiverr name: oldmansteve

The written testimonial in the webpage is also fabricated and fake! The pictures attached along with the testimonial are stock photos that is used in other websites too.

Alpha Money Generator Fake Testimonial Scam Review
Stock Photos used to fabricated Fake Testimonials!

Alpha Money Generator’s Conclusion

We shall conclude that Alpha Money Generator is just another scam binary options auto trading system! It is risky to invest your money in such a system that employs actors to represent as the founder and every single testimonial. Alpha Money Generator also uses fabricated article and fake certificate of incorporation from Swiss too. The claimed 92% accuracy is also unrealistic in the binary options industry and it is just a recipe towards disappointment. We highly recommended our viewers to do some research online regarding realistic binary options returns!

Binary Options trading can indeed generate high profits but it requires proper money management, knowledge and strategies to be able to generate profit consistently over a long term. Please do not be turned off by scam programs like alpha Money Generator, there are reliable binary options brokers/services that are genuine and reliable. Please feel free to refer to our list of trusted binary options auto trading system BELOW for realistic and trustworthy binary options auto trading system! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Alpha Money Generator is a SCAM!

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4 comments on “Alpha Money Generator Scam Review! Swiss Bank’s Secret to Success?

Wow what a scam and so many actors! very worrying.. thanks for the review


Anybody who’s even considering signing up with this bogus scam should just checkout Copy Buffet, and save their time/money.


Thanks for exposing all those fake people, who would have known. Great review!


Thank goodness i found this review, i was actually going to sign up with Alpha Money Generator today. I’m still very new to Binary Options so i would of probably been their next victim. Thank you for your warning!!


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