Alive in 5 Scam Review! $1,000 in 5 minutes? LEGIT App?

Alive in 5 Auto Binary Scam Review

Alive in 5/Alivein5 is a SCAM Review! Brandon Graham’s $1,000 in 5 Minutes Software!

Welcome to our Alive in 5 or Alivein5 Scam review, introduced by Brandon Graham, the alleged founder of this system. He claims that Alive in 5 App will be able to make you $1,000 in 5 minutes and make 6 figure income in 3 months. Naturally, we will definitely be skeptical about such a claims because it is the very essence of over-promising scam system. We have blacklisted many scam system such as the Drexel Code, Amissio Formula as well as My First Online Payday for the exact same reason. Innocent traders that had hopes in achieving $1,000 in 5 minutes is just going to be disappointed with the reality simply because it is NOT possible! Please continue reading our review for more scam like elements that we have found in Alive in 5 Software as well as what should be the best alternative to profit from binary options.

Brandon Graham’s 30 minutes long presentation video is all about portraying his luxurious lifestyle and his “good will” into helping other people in achieve the unrealistic $1,000 in 5 minutes. The presentation content itself is realistically not trustworthy because the actors that this scam systems employs did not exactly prove that their claim is even possible. There are other scam-like elements which indicates that Alive in 5 is just another scam systems as well! We have included our prove below on why it is not possible below!

Is Alive in 5 or Alivein5 System a Scam Binary Options System?

As much as the half hour presentation video at tries to convince us that Alive in 5 will indeed make you $1,000, they are fabricated evidence! Let’s go to the first segment where Brandon approached a “homeless” person on the streets, which we suspect he is an actor himself. The video provided a snapshot of Frank Turner, the homeless guy, trading account which is totally fake! We noticed that the snapshot that was shown in the video is actually a print screen, rather than a “live” account. Should you noticed the address bar on the browser, it says file:// which means that it is clearly a “picture” file. Additionally the time on the snapshot is 11:47 GMT 19 February 2016. Later Brandon shared his other snapshot that miraculously turn Frank’s account from $0 to $1,179 in 5 minutes. Similar to the previous account balance, this is also a snapshot as well! This time you can clearly see the address bar indicates that the snapshot is accessed from his Desktop named SS8.png!

Fake Demonstration Alivein5 or Alive in 5 Scam Review
Fake Demonstration with Homeless guy Actor!

Let’s just assume that the Alive in 5 Scam snapshots are live, but there is no way Frank, as a homeless guy, could get his account verified and executes trades anyway! Frank as a homeless person should not have legit personal documents to indicate his current address and his identity, or a credit card, he will not be able to trade binary options! This proves that Brandon’s “live demonstration” for Alive in 5 is not trustworthy!  His’s unrealistic claims and fake snapshots of account balance simply just digs deeper into our skepticism for Alivein5 App.

The date on the snapshots is also not helping Brandon to support his scam systems too because they are dated back in February 2016. However, based on a simply research, we found that was only registered on 13th March 2016. This means that Frank Turner’s demonstration could not have utilized Alive in 5 App to earn his fake $1,000 in 5 minutes. Simply because Alive in 5 has not existed yet!

Fake Trade History Alive in 5 Scam Review was only created on March 2016! Why is there proof of trading activities before that?

The registration plate of Brandon’s Porsche also shows that the cars are simply rental cars! That is why the registration plate are empty. We strongly believe that the luxurious venue that is shown throughout the video are also rented just to make this expensive scam video!

The Realistic Expectation You Should Have in Trading Binary Options!

Many a times, innocent traders have been lead to believe that binary options auto trading systems is a “magical” get rich scheme! Unfortunately, these traders learn their lesson the hard way when they lose money to scam systems like Alive in 5 that promises unrealistic financial goals! $1,000 in 5 minutes and 6 figure income in a short 3 months is also not possible from a deposit of $250.

Trading binary options is indeed profitable when you have the right tools and knowledge. Alive in 5 is clearly NOT a tool that is not reliable as they are designed to lure you to invest your $250 with the intention of scamming you!

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Alive in 5’s Conclusion

We conclude that Alive in 5 by Brandon Graham is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! Not only their over-promising claims are unrealistic, the fake proof which they have included in the presentation video just shows how fake it is. There is not way you can grow your $250 into $1,000 in just 5 minutes! Unfortunately we have indeed received negative feedback from victims and thus we are writing this review. We have also seen many other negative reviews in the internet sharing the same negative sentiment on Alivein5 software! Please do not invest into Alive in 5!

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