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Is AlgoMaster System a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Interested to invest with AlgoMaster System by James Torn at Uncertain about the legitimacy of Algo Master Trading Software? Do take some time to go through our AlgoMaster Scam Review before taking the risk. Even though binary options trading is indeed a place where trader could gain profits, most auto trader offers ends up being a scam. Hence, it is vital for traders to understand our review to shed some truth on these trading system prior to investing! Below are our take/thoughts after investigating the AlgoMaster System!

The AlgoMaster System is supposedly a trading system that executes trades on behalf of its users based on their algorithm. James, the alleged CEO of The AlgoMaster System, describes that this software is capable of analyzing market news and technical indicators. He also asserts that it is the first algo trading system to use technical indicators while other competitions only trades on news. Definitely an ambiguous remark though, but nevertheless, we will explain the truth below! Viewers may be wondering whether they could possibly earn $1,500 to $2,700 daily, and the answer is NO! AlgoMaster gains/attract more negative remarks/feedback every single day!

Aside from the common complaints from users and also negative reviews on the internet, we shall debunk some of their deceitful claims below!

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AlgoMaster, Today’s Leading Trading App? Deceitful Lies!

Our attempts to verify James Torn’s legitimacy leads us into a roadblock because there is no The AlgoMaster System in Malibu, USA. Plus, there is no formal records of such a company  As we have mentioned above, it’s nonsensical for James to remark that this system is the first trading software to use technical indicators. Every trading algorithm in the world executes traders while measuring technical indicators as their major input. Hence, there is no auto trader in the world that doesn’t take technical indicators as a major criteria/factor.

Apart from that, similar to other phony software, James Torn is another bogus character poses as an ‘experienced trader’ with a non-existing company. Following which, the exaggerated 94.6% success rate mentioned by the fake CEO points to an obvious scam-warning! Extravagant accuracy rates are not the only common lies hiding within the AlgoMaster offer! Viewers should also not take AlgoMaster’s Zero Risk Trading too serious as well, simply because there is no such thing!

Unproven Successes with AlgoMaster?

Let’s just assume that James did not ‘oversell’ this poor performing app for a sec. AlgoMaster not only warrant an improbable result potential, this auto trader also fabricates false evidence to support their fantasy. As a matter of fact, we’ve found more negative feedback about AlgoMaster around the internet accompanied by negative reviews about this auto trader. There wasn’t any hint of a single success stories anywhere which is rather odd since there are 1,341 profiting members! Therefore, it’s yet another forged details in!

On the other hand, the news ads or quotes in the members area are unmistakable to be fake as well. We are unable to find the actual article in CNBC, Wall Street Journal, or even CNN in relation to the AlgoMaster system too! It’s rather obvious that AlgoMaster, like many of our Blacklisted auto traders are employing artificial data to fool viewers!

AlgoMaster System Fake Testimonial Hoax

Made-Up Trade History!

We have also identified a typical ‘fake trade history’ along with AlgoMaster’s webpage. It’s rather obvious when traders come across a trade history listing major currencies trades during the weekend and know it’s forged! The simple logic to deduce this counterfeit trade history is rather simple, because market closes during the weekend! Hence, should you come across any trade histories that executed a lot of trades especially in the weekends, it’s highly likely to be a fake!

AlgoMaster System Fraud Trade History

AlgoMaster System Conclusion

Given the false aspects debunked above, we can safely conclude that AlgoMaster System is a SCAM Auto Trading Software! Practically, there is no trustworthy elements that both new and inexperienced traders should buy into. Bogus James Torn with a ghost company/establishment, fake success stories, and trade history are commonplace for all poor performing auto trader with no intention to earn profits for traders!

Alternative Auto Trading System?

Sincerest thanks for taking the time to go through our AlgoMaster Scam Review! We certainly hope that this article would benefit you in sharing some truth about this auto trader. We’ve come a long way reporting trading apps and phony systems for a while now. It has given us the opportunity to “BLACKLIST” over 100 phony software and truthfully, good auto traders doesn’t come by very often! Fortunately, we do come across GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system! The BinaBot v2 Software and Neo2 Software has proven with good track records and positive reputation within the industry!

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