Algofficial Software Review – SCAM Trading Solutions Tricks People!

Algofficial Scam Review

Is Algofficial Software a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Algofficial also was known as Algo Official caught the attention of our review team through an integrated trading app offer recently. As you may know, Binary Options Sentinel have been studying various trading apps that stand a chance at performing during this volatile markets. Also, at the same time busting out many “Get Rich Quick” Scams that promises millions in return or other unrealistic profit potentials. SO, our Algofficial Review will be attending to the most important question, can Algo Official earn profits?

Unfortunately, we will be sharing manipulative and scam elements within this trading app although it seems to have a harmless presentation. As much as they do not promote unrealistic trading profits like thousands per day profits, Algofficial has a poor trading performance. So much so that one of our traders lost 60% of his account on the first day with low trading accuracy.

We’ve seen reliable trading apps that actually made us money, but Algofficial is NOT one that belongs to the same category. If you are seeking to earn some money off the internet via trading options, you should totally read our review before investing! Check out the suspicious aspects we found on top of the poor trading performance BELOW!

Why is Algofficial a SCAM?

Firstly, although Algofficial doesn’t make over promising claims like many of the scams we exposed, its’ auto trading function performance is bad. There are many traders that share the same sentiment towards this trading app. gives an impression that the trading software is integrated with algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities. A self-learning one, HAHA! As much as we know algorithms are the heart and soul of trading software. But I strongly believe Algofficial is giving is a fake impression. There is no such thing as a self-learning AI or at least one that doesn’t show real trading results.

Another red flag that we typically see is their dodgy appearance on the website. There are no details about who is the service provider, trading results, or even how their trading algorithm works. Well, we totally understand why they can’t because they will be showing really bad results and low-quality trading interface. There is also no company name in their terms of services which are another huge sign of scams! This means the scam artist hides behind a website that provides no good information at all.

Additionally, the website claims that Algofficial has been around for 5 years which is obviously false! Look at the graph of increasing revenue since 2012 that tries to fool viewers that they are veteran. But our investigation shows that algofficial’s website was first bought on 2016. And recently updated on August 2017 to the one you see right now. So how can they grow their capital back in 2012 when they haven’t even existed!

Fake Testimonials?

Reviews are very important to find out how old the services have been around for and how likely they are performing. Reliable and profitable apps would have generated quite a few following by happy users and proof of real results like the one we have. You can check out some of our reviews on good trading apps where we include video demonstration showing trade history and trading interface.

However, Algofficial seems to have so many complaints around the internet and also trading community. Also, we don’t see a single trading history on their website or actual trading interface. What about the endorsement and testimonials? It is very typical for scam system to use fake testimonials and Algofficial clearly does this!

We checked out the testimonial and fail to find genuine results from their testimonials. It also seems quite obvious that it is a fake because all of it comes from somewhat a ‘marketing company’ or some CEO from other company. This is very similar to other B2B testimonials we see that offers products for other company. It is very likely the scam artist copy and pasted the testimonials from elsewhere. Following which claiming the success for Algofficial unethically.

Algofficial Result

Algofficial Review Verdict!

Judging by the suspicious elements we find in Algofficial, we can conclude they are SCAM trading service. It is not worth your money to invest and risk it with a poor performing trading app. There are no genuine details in their website but rather sharing the false hope of auto make money!

As much as trading has been our main income stream for over 2 years, Algofficial is not a good tool. There are few that truly show us good potential like the Tested & Proven Trading Software. But for now, you should stay away from this SCAM!

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