Algo Trading Robot Scam Review! Stanley Nash Oxford TRUTH Exposed!

Algo Trading Robot Scam Review Auto Binary

Is Algo Trading Robot aka Oracle Algo-Trading Robot a SCAM or LEGIT Software?

Algo Trading Robot, also known as Oracle Algo-Trading Robot, grabs many prospective traders’ attention with their allegation of massive profits! Talks about earning $2,600 per day with the minimal investment of $250 was the emphasis of the whole presentation. Furthermore, claims of having a near 90% accuracy has made the Oracle Investment Group Software the best auto trading system available? BEWARE readers! Algo-Trading Robot is a scam offer that gives below satisfactory trading performance to binary traders. The Stanley Nash story which is the highlight of this program is merely a smokescreen to push out this fraudulent software. Please read our review below as we expose Algo Trading Robot Scam aspects!

Investigated SCAM Website:

To begin our review, an unknown individual basically pitches about an auto trading system developed by a Stanley Nash. He is allegedly a professor of applied mathematics whom explore Edward Thorp’s idea of beating blackjack. Hence, being inspired to adopt and modify the mathematical formula into a trading algorithm. Consequently, Stanley Nash being a research student from Oxford came about making the Algo Trading Robot SCAM. BUT, our investigation reveals that this bogus presenter shared rather contradicting and unrealistic information within the offer. Above all, complaints and negative feedback begun to arises due to this money sucking algorithm!

Truth of Oracle Investment Firm and Stanley Nash!

Reports of horrible trading performance by Algo Trading Robot comes as no surprise when a bogus presenter offers a services. The male speaker in the video that did not introduce himself attempts to entice us with Edward Thorp’s formula. Unfortunately we don’t really see how is a mathematical formula from a Black jack game would creating trading algorithm. Furthermore, Stanley Nash Not an actual research student or professor from Oxford. When we looked into Oxford’s database for Stanley Nash’s research papers, there was none! This scam simply applies an inspiring story like the movie ’21’ without any real application!

Speaking about false details, our bogus presenter declares that Algo Trading Robot have successful gain profits for 4 years now. To better illustrate this, quote “the software has 1041 winning days out of 1042 days”. Hence, only 1 day of losses. In contrast, this Algo Trading Robot Scam is completely new fraud developed only recently. Our research on reveals that it was only recently created in October 2016. Also, if this trading service truly have been successful over these 4 years, we would have found out about it by now.

Algo Trading Robot Review

Not to mention that the narrator spoken quite a number of inconsistent information within the presentation. For instants, there is no Stanley Nash character in Oracle Investment Group or Management that exist in Kansas City. It’s simply an unfortunate company that scammers decided to borrow their reputation to hunt for victims. Another discrepancy found is the fake testimonials claiming impractical winnings and accuracy rate. When in fact scammers employed fake testimonials and trade history to legitimize their claims. Apparently these fabricated testimonials consists of randomly stolen pictures over the internet paired with random names. Also, allegations of turning $250 to $2,600 in 24 hours is simply not achievable! Any binary traders would detest such statement and set realistic goals instead. E.g 10% to 30% account growth per day is an achievable profit! Not 1000% like $250 to $2,600.

What about the trade history indicating “live profits”? For one an obvious scam reason, the falsified trade history indicates “14 September” when it’s October. For that reason, this is an unverifiable and outdated trade history. Also, notice the Entry Rate vs the Rate column which indicates a vastly different numbers! Asset price doesn’t move that much to be honest, and if it does, it’s a global crisis! For example, USD/JPY entry rate = 764.815, rate = 102.363 = Profit. That doesn’t make sense as because USD/JPY is at 104 level instead of 764. Evidently the Algo Trading Robot trade history is untrustworthy and dishonest!

Fake Trade History Algo Trading Robot

Algo Trading Robot Conclusion!

Judging by the scam evidence above, we conclude that Algo Trading Robot is a SCAM! This fraud is one of many example of poor performing trading software disguised as a genuine trading signal service. But in reality, angry users have reached out to our blog with its true performance meanwhile gathering negative impression. No genuine proof of success could actually verify their claims of 4 years profits! We identified phony testimonials and manipulative trade history designed to fool innocent traders! A genuine binary trading software will show real deposit and test results much like our Recommended Trading Software! As a final point, Algo Trading Robot occupies our LIST OF SCAMS! Stay Away from the Algo Trading Robot Software.

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David W

Unfortunately I deposited $1,000 with Algo Trading Robot and lost half of it within a day. Now I am waiting for the withdrawal but I saw they have many complaints. It’s a tough wake up call for me


thanks sentinel for the good review


Lol! I was going to deposit. What is a verified auto trading software? I am interested to make some money

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Nel,
You can check out Code Fibo or SnapCash Binary. We tested both and grew our account by using this software. Links are below:
SnapCash Binary Review:
Code Fibo Software Review:


Finally someone spread this scam truth. Great JOB!


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