Ad-Affiliate SCAM: Start Living, Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future

Ad-Affiliate is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM! Start Living Same World Invest Global Secure Future SCAM

Ad-Affiliate Scam: Start Living, Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future is a SCAM!

Please read our review on this binary options offer before investing your money!

Ad-Affiliate, Start Living, Same World, Invest Global and Secure Future SCAM Methods

Ad-Affiliate, Start Living, Same World, Invest Global and Secure Future are the latest binary options scam that has been gaining attention in the industry. This is mainly because many traders have been bombarded by many marketing emails by all four websites! These four websites are made from a single scam creator under the URL We have received feedback from traders that have been spammed by their marketing email and they have approached us for our thoughts on these services. The four landing pages that we have identified may not be the only ones active online by, perhaps there may be more in the near future. Hence, we would like to post a warning on the scam attempt by this Start Living, Same World, Invest Global and Secure Future has their own respective URL, please refer below:


We hope that readers would avoid registering and depositing money upon coming across these sites especially any other landing page that begins with The marketer may create more landing page and blast many emails to their prospect to bait them with their scam offer.

We will cover all four websites in this scam review, covering Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future and Start Living. Honestly, we doubt that the success rate of their landing page to attract sign-ups may not be very high because the webpages does not offer much information. All four sites has their basic structure of having a short motivational that tries to lure viewers to earn a lot of money through the registration. Basically the webpages did not convey anything important except for “Secure your financial future” OR “Recognizing opportunities and generating profits”. But the catch is, viewers are unable to tell what kind of services or method that the site is offering in order to earn money! We will only be able to find out what is the exact detail after we have register. Obviously we have identified that these four websites are actually offering binary options services. The registration form in all four websites are actually for account registration in different binary options brokers. Hence, after entering your details and completing the registration, the page will simply redirect you to the broker’s website OR simply state that an account manager will get in touch with you.

The worst part about registering into either of these four webpages is that the binary options broker which these sites are promoting are shady unregulated brokers. These registrations seems to be leading their viewers to scam binary options brokers like UBO Capital and Trader Kings. Viewers should be able to find negative reviews or complaints about these two binary options brokers online easily! Complaints like “unable to withdraw funds” and “account managers disappeared on me” are typical complaints that we can hear about any scam binary options brokers. Additionally, one of registration page will lead their viewers to Safe Options binary options broker. Safe Options has been around for quite some time however, there are equal number of positive and negative reviews on this company. Safe Options also has a minimum deposit of $500 which is higher than usual minimum deposit for binary options broker. This may not be a good choice for new traders that has no experience in binary options as they will be risking more money in their learning phase.

These four landing pages by are rather new, created in September 2015, and we foresee more of these landing pages will be created and sent via email marketing. We advise viewers to keep a look out for marketing emails that leads to’s landing page and not to waste time registering with unregulated binary options broker.

Unfortunately there is not much we can add into this review due to the nature of all four landing pages. Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future and Start Living’s landing page do not offer any useful facts regarding binary options at all. Hence, it is just a cheap and sneaky way to lure viewers into registering without prompting it’s viewer of the true intention of the registration. The worst part is that viewers could potentially end up depositing funds into scam and shady binary options brokers which ultimately could not withdraw their funds back. We advise traders to avoid depositing funds with this scam brokers and refer to our list of trusted binary options broker instead. It is safer to trade with brokers where you can withdraw your funds back. Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Ad-Affiliate: Start Living, Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future is a SCAM!

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