98% Success App SCAM or Legit Review!

Is 98% Success a SCAM or LEGIT? Is Henry D’Souza Honest?

Stumbled upon 98success.co and wondering whether this will be worth your investment? Please read our review carefully before deciding to place your money into this dodgy system. Henry D’Souza, the alleged founder/owner of 98% Success claims to provide some kind of trading app that exploits an existing bug which allows us to spy on established traders’ trade execution in Wall Street/Stock Exchange. Honestly, we are extremely skeptical and we do not buy into this concept at all. There are also various aspects exhibited at 98success.co that indicates this system is nothing but a scam!

Henry claimed that he was once working in Wall Street as some kind of tech guy where he discovered a bug snooping around in the system. Which was supposed to possibly bring down the Stock Exchange and leak out sensitive trading information. However, his attempt to warn his superior about it was repaid by firing Henry. Does that make sense to you? Let’s be real, a bug with that possible impact could NEVER be too small of a problem! Besides, imagine the implication of the stock exchange crashing (as depicted in the 2015 news) will be more costly than the resources spent to fix it. Nevertheless, 98% Success is said to be able to make you $600 a day by copying trade execution from large figures like Warren Buffett. We have indeed analyzed the offer, please continue reading on what are the suspicious facts and scam-like elements discovered!

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98.4% Success HOAX Tactics!

Firstly, Henry did mentioned about getting 98% Success and use it as soon as possible before the “Wall Street” people upgrade their firewall to fix the bug. In addition to that, he prompts us to sign-up as soon as possible as this is a “limited time” only offer. But we can’t seem to understand the logic in that! Doesn’t that mean that this 98% Success App would stop working when they fix the bug? So it is not exactly going to be ‘effective’ in the long run! The news report shown during the initial part of the presentation video happened in 2015. The Wall Street or Stock Exchange is definitely going to protect themselves from ‘bugs’ or glitches due to the breakdown. The logic of Henry’s story simply does not make sense for 98% Success to still be presently effective.

Having a “limited spots available” banner on the webpage is also a strong indication that this is a fraud deal. We see these types of banners in many other scam systems that is designed to create false sense of scarcity. More often than not, these fraudulent websites is going to exist to cheat as many innocent traders as possible. A simple way to disprove the banner only needs a simple effort of refreshing your 98% Success page. You will notice that the counter just resets back and it is incredibly inconsistent. It is also wiser not to pay these fake tactics any mind because it is just meaningless.

Another common hoax tactics that we discovered on 98successco is that it employs paid actors for their video testimonials. Similar to other auto trading frauds, scammers tend to use Fiverr actors to make their fake testimony. Trade histories attached in the webpage are also dated back in 2015. That is clearly no convincing evidence or proof of Success but rather breadcrumbs of FRAUD tactics. Social media “live” feeds that are filled with programmed comments/tweets adds up to the number of scheming tactics these cheaters used to fool viewers!

Stay AWAY from 98.4% Success App!

Scam tactics that were discovered during our investigation on this auto trading system are dissapointing proof that this auto trader is out to cheat you! Even the alleged 98% Success owner, Henry D’Souza is a bogus character as we attempt to verify his existence through Linkedin and other platforms. There story of him being a person in charged of QA in Wall Street and coming up with an auto trading in binary options does not sound authentic as well.

While we have BLACKLISTED many auto trading frauds, there are indeed genuine auto trading systems that are PROFITABLE and RELIABLE. Do check out Neo2 Software which has good reputation in the binary options industry and many reviewers have indeed tested the program with success. You may also read our Neo2 Software Review and Performance Review for more information.

98% Success Conclusion

We conclude that 98.4% Success is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! The scam tactics employed in this system is an obvious red-flag that you should NOT invest your money with it! Do your research before investing and TRADE SAFE!


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