97% Partners Scam Review! Important Warning!

Is 97% Partners a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Chance upon 97% Partners at 97partners.co? Seeking to look for an opportunity to make an extra cash through binary options? You’ll need to understand 97% Partners Scam Review before investing your money into it. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the industry, binary options trading can indeed be profitable. However, we’re here to find out whether this particular trading software is worth your money or not! There are literally hundreds of fraud systems designed by con-artist to lure newbies to invest. Our Blacklist should reveal the massive occurrences of such a trading app. Hence, we’ve performed an in-depth investigation on this software and before sharing the details, let’s quickly check out what’s this deal about.

97% Partners is basically an auto trading system represented by an unnamed “ex-professor” from a prestigious Swedish University. He was said to have created an auto trader that can earn you $100,000 in the next 30 days (from $300 deposit). The deal is to offer 3% of your profits in exchange for his “get rich quick” app paired with the services of his Dream Team Mentor. Allegations of increasing the “winning chances” through “social power” where higher trade volume gives  better winning odds were made too. Now, can all this be true? Please continue reading!

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97% Partners or 97% Failure?

While the offer sounds awesome, we strongly advise you to take a step back before getting too excited. 97 Partners’ offer does sound like the typical “Get Rich Quick” or “Be a Millionaire” within x numbers of days type of fraud. Solely on such an unrealistic claims of profits, is a strong indication of certain mischievous agenda. In reality, expecting $100,000 return within 30 days or even becoming a millionaire in binary options trading is simply impossible especially from a $300 deposit. Your returns solely depends on your initial investment. Even the best traders in the world or computer is unable to predict the market and grow your account that consistently.

Although there is no actual demonstration to prove it’s capabilities, we were showered with many snapshots of “account balances” throughout the video. Mostly, it portrays INSANE amount of profits from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars! But, the odd part of these snapshots are that they are dated back in 2014! Upon studying the age of 97partners.com, we found that this webpage was only created in February 2016. This reveals that the broker balances screenshot are simply taken to show you a “before and after” that are NOT 97% Partners related! How do you profit from it when it hasn’t exist right?

97% Partners Domain Age Scam Review

Aside from the suspiciously attached account balances, testimonials of “happy users” were also advertised in the presentation video. Unfortunately they are fabricated testimony made by paid actors reading scripted words. We managed to identify quite a few of these actors from Fiverr.com. Kinda like a cheap way to get people to read whatever you want them to read.  In fact, this is one of the common scam tactics seen in other over-promising program we’ve seen. Fraudulent and bogus facts hiding in their offers!

97% Partners Fake Testimonials Scam

Last but not least, the narrator mentioned that the “social power” aspects would increase the chance of success in trades. Despite sounding logical, in reality it is not sensible at all. Binary options traders has zero influence in the actual prices in the market! That’s because binary traders does not actually buy/sell any assets, but rather purchase an option to whether the price will increase or decrease in relative to your strike price. Yet another false or misleading information from 97Partners.

Stay Away from 97% Partners!

Cunning crafts and strategies mentioned above are pretty much a norm applied to lure traders in without true intentions of success. As mentioned, this puts both the user and the industry at loss too. Ultimately, it does not benefit anyone except the hoax creator which we actively try to expose as many as we can on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading software which rarely emerges among this seas of lies. Check out some good systems below!

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97% Partner’s Review Conclusion

Based on the proof mentioned above, we can safely conclude that 97% Partner is a SCAM! The over-promising claims of making $100,000 in 30 days are just a fantasy. Along with the paid actors used in the testimonials certainly does not put this trading app in our Trusted Auto Trader list. Do subscribe to our newsletter for updates and do your research! Hope this helps! TRADE SAFE!

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