7 Figure Months Trading Scam Review!

Is 7 Figure Months Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT?

Wondering whether 7 Figure Months at 7figuremonths.com is going to be a good trading investment? Make sure to understand our 7 Figure Months Scam Review as we explain startling details about this auto trading software. Our experiences with binary options auto trading systems have proven that it can be profitable with the right tools and knowledge! However, not every auto trader out there is genuine in making money for its users. More importantly, 7 Figure Months does inherit a few fraud tactics we’ve noticed in many other poor performing and cheating auto traders! Check out our reasoning on why 7 Figure Months Trading Software is a scam below!

The 7 Figure Months Software presented by Martin Saunders guarantees a staggering profits of $1,000,000 per month! Yes, one million dollars per month!! It’s rather suspicious enough that Martin did not provide a description of it’s “No Loss” algorithm. Instead, he vaguely describes it as a “secret loophole” which earns limitless profits through binary options! With that said, there’s literally no other useful information that we can learn from the 16-minute presentation video. Except Martin constantly keeps the “secret loophole” a mystery and asserting it’s viewer of becoming a millionaire in 30 days. He also plants the idea of buying luxurious assets and speak of financial freedom plus quitting your job. Thus, as an experienced trader, we’ll blatantly admit that these are pure fantasies! Read our logic below!

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Martin Saunders’s Over-Promising Claims!

First and foremost, it’s essential that traders understand that it’s impossible to become a millionaire in the next 30 days. Especially with an initial investment of $250. With the ‘all-or-nothing’ nature of binary options trading, it takes a million to earn a million! A more realistic profit expectation would be in terms of percentages of your initial investment! Typically, over-promising statements such as this are blindly thrown around to entice inexperienced traders to deposit. But, as reality dictates, it’s just not going to happen. With that being said, profiting from binary options trading is not impossible and it’s do-able. But why 7 Figure Months choose to represent itself with such a blatant lie of profit?

Well, because they do not have any genuine intention to make money for its users, similar to other fraudulent trading apps! Martin Saunders himself is an unknown character which has no reference or source to verify his statements. In fact, we have very strong reason to believe that 7 Figure Months are connected to an old SCAM called the Nesdek Inc! Notice the lady whom spoke to Martin and got a shock when she saw 1 million dollars in her account. She was also one of the actors that acted in Nesdek Inc SCAM! Not withstanding that there is no verifiable source to confirm Martin’s existence.

Actor 7 Figure Months Scam Review

7 Figure Months Made Millions for the past 12 months?

It’s hard to believe that Martin’s same exact software had made him millions of dollars in the past 12 months too. Obviously, because we noticed the FAQ section reassuring users that 7 Figure Months can make you $1,000,000. He urges viewers to check out his “Live Account” that obviously says $12,000,000. BUT, if you notice the Expiry Date, they are all dated in 2014 and showing the same asset. It’s rather clear to us that this live trade history is self-fabricated and fake. Other than that, Martin should fictionally start 7 Figure Months about a year ago, which is June 2015. Not 2014! Obviously, another discrepancy right here which reveal yet another lie from Martin and his 7 Figure Months.

The testimonials by “satisfied users” are fake as well. Simply because the join date does not coincide with the date of when 7 Months Figure’s web page creation date. A simple whois research exposes the 7figuremonths.com’s creation date on 26th June 2016. Hence, there can’t possibly be users that joined 7 Figure Months between February to May 2016 as stated in the fake testimonials!

Fake Live Trade Account 7 Figure Months Scam

Fake Testimonials 7 Figure Months Scam

Limited 20 spots only?

Martin actively urge viewers to sign-up immediately before his 20 remaining spots run out throughout the presentation! This is yet another typical and common scam tactics which scammers employs to create a false sense of scarcity! Undoubtedly this is not a “20 spots only” offer. The attached countdown timer does not stop anyone from signing up anyway! Viewers will still be able to register even when the clock reaches zero or it simply resets itself on the next visit!

Invest into a RELIABLE System rather than 7 Figure Months HOAX!

With reference to all the common trickery above, we conclude that 7 Figure Months is a SCAM Auto Trading System! This is clearly a lying trading software that not genuine in earning its users some money but instead to lure deposits. We have in fact received negative feedback about it’s ‘shockingly’ under performing algorithm and complete loss of funds from 7 Figure Months. The deceiving Martin Saunders’s over-promising statement and his mysterious 100% Win Software is not trustworthy! The fabricated testimonials and deluding trade history are lousy attempts to support his lies. This system behaves similarly like all the Blacklisted Phony Auto Traders that Binary Options Sentinel exposes in the past!

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