7 Figure Challenge is a Scam!

7 Figure Challenge is a Scam Review!

Please read our review on 7 Figure Challenge before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

7 Figure Challenge is found to be a come back scam attempt by the creator of 7 Figure Club previously in August 2015. You will be able to do a simple search over the net for 7 Figure Club and find that their presentation is exactly the same as 7 Figure Challenge’s site. There is also a report in ivetriedthat.com that indicates negative review about this auto trading software.

“Promises of 1,000,000 dollars of profit and 10,000 dollars cash back if it does not work???”

7 Figure Challenge Scam Founder and Landing Page

The alleged CEO/developer, Martin Taylor, claims that he can help make members 1,000,000 dollars within 27 days by signing up and using this auto trading software. On the other hand, he has also promised that he would refund 10,000 dollars from his own pocket should that claim did not come true. In our honest opinion, there is no one in this world that is willing to help you earn a million dollars and give you ten thousand dollars should there be any failures. This seems to us as a high pressure sales tactic to lure new/interested traders to invest money into this auto binary software. Apart from that, the banners/pop-up that appears while users visit 7 Figure Challenge website also indicates that it is a kind of high pressure sales tactic. For example, there is a spot counter that indicates there is only 10 spot left, and shortly after there will be 7 spots left. However, you will see that the counter will indicate 10 spots once again once you have refresh the page Hence, it is just a banner that is designed to lure desperate people into buying this binary options service. At the bottom of the site, there is a section that indicates the potential thousand dollar trades in the next 2 minutes, and it encourages users to enter their email and name to claim the trade. However, even after the counter expires to zero, you are still able to enter the details and it will redirect you to the same link.

Countdown Widgets that doesn't matter even if it runs out!
Countdown Widgets that doesn’t matter even if it runs out!

Still able to claim prize even after the counter reaches zero??

The testimonial videos as well as the bank screenshot used during the presentation is also suspicious. We found that the bank screenshot to show the money that he is making by using 7 Figure Challenge software is accredited by International Seal of Accreditation which we are not able to find any credible source that this accreditation exist. We also found that 1 of the testimonial givers in the presentation is actually a Fiver actor.

Lastly, we are unable to find credible information of the CEO Martin Taylor over the internet through various social medias. As such, the character Martin Taylor is created for the 7 Figure Challenge and 7 Figure Club scam attempt. We also find that there are various endorsement badges that supports 7 Figure Challenge, however, the badges are not clickable and not linked to a credible party that supports this scam.

Verdict: 7 Figure Challenge is a SCAM!

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