5 Minute Profits Review – SCAM $1,000 in 5 Minutes Returns!

Is 5 Minute Profits a SCAM or Legit Trading Solution?

5 Minute Profits by Brandon Graham finds itself in my email inbox as I continue to explore good trading solutions. And it blows my mind with a potential profits returns by 5 Minute Profits Trading Software! Viewers will also notice the 30-minute video presentation includes an interview with a homeless man making money. From a $250 to $1,000 in 5 short minutes to be exact. Sounds good? Unfortunately NOT! There are several scam signs I noticed within the offer that warns me against bad investment deals!

5 Minutes Profits Official Website: 5minuteprofits.co

Look, who wouldn’t want to grow a $250 to $1,000 in a short 5 minutes? I would if I could though! First of all, it is definitely possible in binary trading, BUT, it will a strategy that would be able to make it consistent with the risk you are trading. Might you be able to do it once in 100 trading situations? The main issue we’re dealing with is the unrealistic promotion by 5 Minute Profits and guarantees this scam made. In reality, 5 Minute Profits Software loses investors’ money in a matter of days without any reliable accuracy.

Note: The way I approach my own trading sessions is to always manage my own risk with 5% or 10% of account deposit per trade. This will allow control over undesirable situations in trading the markets. You will not make $1,000 from a $250 deposit or grow your account 4 times in 5 minutes. In my actual trading sessions, I aim to earn $100 per day ($25 per trade) or 10% – 20% account growth in bigger accounts. Definitely possible with the Recommended Software and some trading knowledge!

Why is 5 Minute Profits a SCAM?

The major reason why it’s a scam is because 5 Minute Profits Scam is actually a comeback of an old fraudulent software. The be specific it was actually known as Alive in 5 Scam somewhere mid-2016. Many scam victims shared their experience with the cunning Brandon Graham’s false promises when they lost all investment. As I have covered this topic in my old review, suspicious trading balance like an edited photo and homeless guy in the story are fake.

A live demonstration in the video did not actually share the 5 Minute Profits trading platform but rather only snapshots of account balance. Unfortunately, scammers love to change the account balance to fool viewers. But they definitely didn’t show genuine live demonstration much with real trading execution. Simply because they can’t, if they do, we’ll be looking at losing trades. Also, we found that time stamps on the trading account balance versus the age of the Alive in 5 domain to be contradicting. It seems that the date on the account balance wouldn’t make sense because the domain hasn’t even existed yet.

What’s more than knowing this is, in fact, the return of an old scam, I don’t see any reason for this system to be any different. Especially when the scammer doesn’t bother changing their promotional video or at least something. Thus, it is clear that the scam artist wanted to recycle and old hoax to lure more innocent traders.

More Suspicious Scam Elements!

There are many similarities between 5 Minute Profits and many other scams I exposed in the past. Although some marketing aspects like expensive cars and huge houses can be forgiven only if it performs. Unfortunately, in this case, Brandon Graham sells false promises like a Get Rich Quick Scams. $1,000 in 5 minutes? It sounds very suspicious even for you. As such, no real trading demonstration is shown anywhere on the internet nor in the presentation.

When I examine the trade history in one of the testimonials, say Laura Holding. She claims to have generated $32,247.29 in total 30 days earning since she started. Yet, I notice very common scam red flags in the trade history such as the history covers more than 30 days. Also, there are Expiry Rates that were 0 and it is labeled as profit. That is a huge sign of fake trade history hence we can’t trust 5 Minute Profits claims.

5 Minute Profits Results

5 Minute Profits Review Conclusion!

Judging from the fact that 5 Minute Profits is a comeback scam, we can conclude that it is a SCAM. In fact, this is not the first scam that attempts to lure more innocent traders and steal their money. We do not have any reason to take the $1,000 in 5 minutes claims because it is unrealistic. It is also impossible to earn $100 with this fraudulent software knowing that much Alive in 5 victims serves as proof. No one actually made money with this phony trading app!

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You will be better off with profiting with tested & proven software @ our list of Recommended Software! Stay away from 5 Minute Profits Software!

What is a Better investment choice to earn extra cash online?

There are two ways you can trade binary options, Do it Yourself by Trading Manually or Use an Auto Trading Software. Depending on how much time you can spare into trading, you can choose the best tools depending on your schedule. Or you can actually do Both like how I earn my extra income daily!

Auto Trading – Auto Trader are a program that uses a mathematical algorithm to make trading decisions. Hence, it will trade on behalf of the users! However, you should stay away from all the Blacklisted Scams we exposed. Many scammers take advantage to create their own low-quality trading software to lose investors’ money. Please stick to our Recommended Software for a safer alternative!

Manual Trading – This would mean that you will be trading on your own based on trading strategies you learned! Naturally referring to your own charting tools and make your own decisions. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t get help from tools that can give trading signals! There is Manual Trading Software that recommends trade (Call or Put) as well as specific expiry similar to the one we tested! Thus, you can learn to practice basic trading knowledge while referring to professionals advise! (Note: We posted some video demonstration on the Manual Trading tools @ our Home Page/Software Page)

Total Newbie – You would want to get a feel of what it is like trading binary too! Apart from the tools above, do sign up for Free Demo Account via the links below! Most Demo account requires some form of deposit, but not the two links below! Hence, it can serve as a safe trading platform to try out new trading method or even play around! Click the Respective links for (US/Canada Broker) and (Non-US/Canada Broker) respectively!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Demo Available & US Friendly)
  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Epix Trader! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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