5 Day Millionaire is a Trading SCAM Review?

Is 5 Day Millionaire a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Beware fellow traders! It has come to our attention that 5 Day Millionaire returns to scam more traders with their unoriginal fraud! This newly launched 5 Day Millionaire Trading Software is lead by none other than Walter Green himself, an old name we despise! He is the same scam leader from Millionaire Blueprint and it seems that he has recently migrated his hoax to 5daymillionaire.com. In fact, the content of the presentation is exactly the same as the previously known scam and this time Walter promises an even quicker millionaire goal. That’s right, you’ll be a millionaire within 5 days! NOT! Before you invest into the 5 Day Millionaire Software, please read the below details!

The 5 Day Millionaire App prides itself on the same “secret loophole” with a No loss System which rack Walter millionaires of dollars. In addition to that, this software asserts that it could make you $15 million within 5 days! This ridiculous suggestion of profit is said to be due to the secret loophole software that just wins trades, no losing. For some miraculous reasons, Walter gains the opportunity to jump into the boat with his boss whom gained access of this 5 Day Millionaire Software from hackers. Don’t be fooled by such a story without any proof of real success! We’ve taken a deep look on 5 Day Millionaire and found various scam elements, read below!

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Deceptive 5 Day Millionaire Lies!

The reality of binary options trading is that it can indeed be profitable for traders, however only with the right tools and basic knowledge. In the case of 5 Day Millionaire, it is already obvious this is yet another reproduction of a scam that existed back in 2015 when Walter Green, the bogus founder, start scamming. The notion of earning 15 million in 5 days is simply a huge lie and unrealistic. Any binary traders can justify it with their on hand experience that it is simply impossible to earn that much with a minimum $300. Hence, this representation is an old trick scammers used to mislead inexperienced traders to believing while being the most common indication of scams.

You will not be a millionaire trading binary options, but rather, you will need a much larger deposit to achieve that goal! (Typical payout for binary trading is 70% to 80% of initial invest, e.g., $100 trades will give you a profit of $70-$80 each trade).

Also, the fact that 5 Day Millionaire is a resurrection of Millionaire Blueprint, is a huge No No for any investors to actually trade with this software. Countless negative feedback of poor performing algorithm and wiping of account balance within 2 days was often heard previously with regards to Millionaire Blueprint. Hence, we can expect this cheap scam to behave just the same and drain our accounts.

Walter Green the Pro-Trickster!

There are many false proofs that attempts to support Walter’s huge lies. The successes Walter expressed in the presentation is not legit when the snapshots of huge bank accounts are nothing but screenshot of statements dated back in 2013. Not only that, the fictional cousin, Ray, who claims to be the director of FMS Capital is completely untrue. This fake story is being used previously in Millionaire Blueprint and also Final Algo scam. Our research reveal no actual Ray that works in FMS Capital!

Furthermore, one favorite scam tactics these hoax have in common is the typical “spots available” indicators pairs with a “get rich quick” statement. As we have covered the highly unrealistic profit claims above, 5 Day Millionaire also claims to be highly exclusive to only 7 people. However, we all know that it’s untrue when the counter doesn’t even change and it will remain the same every time you visit the webpage.

If you are curious about the mentor-ship program from Walter Green, don’t waste your energy. There is no mentor in 5 Day Millionaire trading software or offer! Only poor performing trading signals wasting away money with illogical trades!

5 Day Millionaire Conclusion

Traders, pelase stay away from 5 Day Millionaire due to the fact that it is still a SCAM! It’s migration from its previous scam into this software doesn’t change its devious nature of fooling innocent traders. This software also lacks the authenticity and honesty because it applies highly improbable profit claims with fake bank snapshots. The notorious Walter Green is not worth your investment and not worth risking it with in-genuine scammers!

Trade Without Scams!

We hope that this article serves as a vital warning against scams and risk of poor performing/lying 5 Day Millionaire Scam Review. It would also be in your highest interest to check our Blacklist to find out which software to avoid since they are obviously scams too. Should there be a trading software which is not mentioned in the blacklist or our Trusted Software, please do drop us a comment on it and we shall be happy to investigate the software or trading method!

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