300 Millionaire Review! Is this a SCAM?

Is 300 Millionaire a SCAM Review? Michael Bennet a Real Trader?

Received an invitation to invest with 300 Millionaire program with Michael Bennet? Read our important review before you put your money with this guy. Based on the information that we gathered at 300millionaire.com, Michael claims that 300 Millionaire is a binary options signals provider that provides you with an 80% accuracy and it’s not an auto trader! Well, the fact that it is not an auto trading system, we went on investigating whether this signal service is indeed accurate or a fraud!

Michael Bennet, claims that he is a financial analyst with 15 years of experience which had found a way to trade during bad market conditions. Apart from that, the 300 Millionaire system is said to be able to make you a millionaire too. With a minimum investment of $350. Do note that this system only works with a broker called Gain Option and the minimum deposit is indeed a little higher than the normal $250. Besides that, the profits expectation is said to be able to profit $2,000 a day or 173% to 1,800% a day (absolutely unrealistic)! Pretty good deal right? NO! Unfortunately, we discovered negative feedback about this trading signal group and also there are suspicious aspects about Michael’s claims as well.

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Why is 300 Millionaire a SCAM?

While the 300 Millionaire appears to be a like a harmless trading signals giver, but there are a few things that is suspicious about this offer. The first red flag that we discover is that Michael Bannet, does not seem to be a legit figure. The reason is because while we have tried to look for source to verify his existence as a trader, there is nothing that comes up to us except for negative reviews of 300 Millionaire. He had claimed to work with a Prof. Samuel Frost from Columbia University whom had given him some trades secret! But unfortunately, both Prof. Samuel Frost and Michael Bannet are fabricated characters! There are no records or educational journals by that alleged professor and why would you need to lie about such a credential right?

The next presentation aspects that is rather interesting is that the voice narrator on the sign-up page claims to be Michael. However, he does not sound like Michael at all! It appears that the scammer employed an actor to physically represent Michael Bennet and a voice narrator for the presentation. By now, we are completely UN-SOLD, and have lost all interest to even invest some money to find out the legitimacy of the system.

Other than the found guilty founder of 300 Millionaire and his fake stories, this signal system is said to be able to provide up to 40 trading signals with an 80% accuracy! That is the contributing factor that the liar Michael claimed and it WILL make you a MILLIONAIRE! BUT WAIT! The trading history that he provided on the webpage does not reflect 40 signals (which is A LOT and a little unrealistic)! Plus, the last trade indicated in the trade history is dated back in April and it averages about 2 to 3 trades a day! This is a typical scenario of an over-promising signal service provider and 300 Millionaire seems to leave evidence that they are NOT providing what they claimed to provide.

It does not stop here, 300 Millionaire also uses FAKE testimonials in the registration page! You may be able to notice the video testimonials in the “registration” page are actually paid actors from Fiverr.com. In fact, we recognized these guys from auto trading scams systems! You’d probably find it interesting to know that there is a “voice testimonials” by Michael Bennet’s father, George Bennet, is also a FAKE! The picture used to depict Mr. George is actually random pictures that can be acquired from stock photos provider.

Fake Testimonials 300 Millionaire Scam Review

It Is Unwise to Invest with 300 Millionaire!

A short word of caution though, 300 Millionaire seems to be working with Gain Option only! As such, we believe that 300 Millionaire is a scam that uses fake claims and proof (as debunked above), to lure registration to Gain Option. The negative feedback that we received from some traders is that 300 Millionaire does not even get back to them with reliable signals! But rather, the communication is only with Gain Option’s account managers only! So, it is never a good idea to actually DEPOSIT and talk to a broker people when you can actually do it without this scam system!

Plus, Gain Options has indeed been around since 2011. However, it’s reputation is very questionable and they are not even famous in the binary options industry! More importantly, they are unregulated! We would advise against depositing with Gain Option and it is very risky for you to keep your money with that broker.

300 Millionaire’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that 300 Millionaire is a SCAM trading signal provider! It is a scam designed to lure registration to Gain Option that has a highly questionable reputation! Do NOT risk your money with this signal provider, as you are definitely not going to get 40 signals a day and NOT become a MILLIONAIRE! Everyone that trades binary options would definitely tell you that it is completely unrealistic!

If other people need to pay $2,000 a month (as mentioned by Michael for his services) for 2 to 3 trade signals a day, we at Binary Options Sentinel can in fact hook you up with FREE Signal provider that gives more than 15 trading signals a day with 80% accuracy too! Do email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com!

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Verdict: 300 Millionaire is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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