300 Dollar Trade by Jack Emery, Olimp Finance Scam Review

300 Dollar Trade Binary Options Scam Review Broker

300 Dollar Trade by Jack Emery, Olimp Finance is a SCAM Review!

Received an email invitation with a subject line: Collect your $300 now or something of that sort? Did the sender claimed to be Jack Emery, an account manager from Olimp Finance? Well, you have just been “invited” to a landing page for 300 Dollars Trade and you are probably doing your due diligence. There are many binary options scams that disguises as “Get Rich Quick Scheme” or “The Magical/No Loss Auto Trader” which ultimately aims to steal money from innocent traders. But 300 Dollar Trade scam by Olimp Finance is nothing of that sort and it is the first of it’s kind. Instead of the typical scam tactics, 300 Dollar Trade is a scam advertisement page that offers scam services like “account managing” and giving you “free $300”.

Upon reaching 300dollartrade.com, we have a voice narrator that claims to be Jack Emery, an Account Manager from Olimp Finance, offering you $300 and claims to grow your account for you! As great it may sound, 300 Dollar Trade only aims to attract registration to Olimp Finance, a binary options broker, with no true intention of making you money! There is no other information and honestly, the Olimp Finance’s website does not live up to the standard of other reputable binary options broker. Please continue reading our review for more information on why 300 Dollar Trade is a SCAM.

Olimp Finance Scam $300 Offer

Let’s get straight to what the $300 free offer is all about! For us experienced binary options traders, we would not be surprised with this cunning scam tactic because we have experienced it before. But for a new trader, it may sound like a perfect opportunity and he/she would jump right into without knowing the hidden terms and condition. The $300 free is actually a form of free bonuses from binary options broker. Although all binary options broker do offer bonuses, they will disclose the terms and condition somewhere in their website. By accepting the $300 bonuses, your fund withdrawals will be imposed with a minimum required trading volume of 30 times the initial deposit plus cash bonuses. Hence, it is to tie down your account to trade so much more before you can even withdraw your funds.

Even though other binary options brokers do offer bonuses to their clients, but 300 Dollar Trade is a landing page for Olimp Finance to lure in innocent traders that has no information about the T&C. Thus, it will encourage these innocent people to want to ask for the $300 instead without asking for the terms and condition. This is an act of fraud to encourage people to ask for bonuses that have no idea what they have actually requested. We highly encourage traders to NOT accept binary options broker bonuses especially that is your first time working with the broker!

$300 Dollar Trade’s Account Management Services by Jack Emery

The second concerning services which is the “account management” services that is not openly mentioned in the video. Jack Emery portray it as “helping you grow your account”. There are little “testimonials” at the bottom right of 300 Dollar Trade’s website to support that claim too. The account management offered in the binary options industry commonly known in the industry as scams as well! Especially if the supposedly “account managers” are from the binary options brokerage themselves. It clearly does not make any sense when brokers actually loses money when the traders win.

We have came across a lot of previous victims from these “account management” types of scam previously. Most of the stories goes in a way that the “account managers” will encourage the traders to deposit more funds. However, these fake “account managers” are actually just salesman that would help you grow your account in the initial stage. Which later, purposely loses almost all your money! Do not be surprised that the “account managers” will then ask you to deposit more funds after the major loss!

Honestly, the most trustworthy binary options signals provider would be people that are not working for the binary options broker themselves. There are also trustworthy Free binary options signal groups like Mike’s Binary Options Signal group that provides quality signals everyday and is very reliable! Fake “Account Managers” like Jack Emery just aims to get you to deposit more and ultimately lose everything you have in the account! Do NOT put your faith in these “account managers”

Fake Testimonials to Support Fraud “Account Management Services” by 300 Dollar Trade!

We noticed that the tiny testimonials boxes that appears on 300 Dollar Trade’s website are fake! All the testimonials are fabricated to show that Jack Emery did indeed help to grow their account and gain profits for them. But the truth is, none of these testimonials are trustworthy. The testimonials are simply sentences that are not authentic because they used random pictures and a random name attached to it. We can verify this fact just by doing a simple search on the images used on the testimonials. Which we found that many of these pictures are pictures taken from stock photos providers and used on many different websites across the internet. There is no way that these testimonials are authentic and genuinely from a binary options trader!

300 Dollar Trade Fake Testimonials Scam Review

Fake Testimonials with Stolen Pictures!

Is Olimp Finance a Trustworthy Broker?

Olimp Finance is a very new binary options broker that just begun operation in October 2015. However, knowing that a new binary options broker that created a landing page like $300 Dollar Trade to lure in innocent victims to accept $300 bonuses is unacceptable! We have yet come across any other binary options broker that uses this pathetic method to lure in new traders and lock down their money! Olimp Finance is using a typical SCAM method and it is definitely not a good impression! We are considering to Black List Olimp Finance due to 300 Dollar Trade’s cunning fraud. As of now, we will be warning people with this review as a first step!

300 Dollar Trade’s Conclusion

We conclude that 300 Dollar Trade is a SCAM binary options offer! It is landing page that lure’s innocent traders to register with Olimp Finance binary options broker plus accepting cash bonuses. Cash bonuses that would actually impose additional terms to your withdrawals and ultimately tie down your money with Olimp Finance. Please do not fall for this scam and think that it is your lucky day getting $300 for free!

Do check out our list of recommended binary options broker list for a safer choice! Should you are residing in the United States, Nadex is definitely the best choice that you have to trade binary options safely! Looking for the best automated binary options trading system? Do check out our list of Trusted & Recommended auto trading system below!

Verdict: 300 Dollar Trade is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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