3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM Review!

3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM!

3 Week Millionaire is a binary options auto trading system that was launched in August 2015 and the narrator claims that this software would make you $1,000,000 in 3 weeks. Well, in general terms, it is pretty hard to speculate how much your profit will be because it totally depends on how much money traders would like to risk. Moreover, the payout in binary options is a fix amount, it is either you earn a fix payout or you lose your investment. The video presentation claims that most traders invest the minimum amount which is $250 – $300 and they could make $800  – $1,000 daily, following with a $1,000 deposit, traders could potentially earn $2,500 daily. Based on that calculation, it is obvious that earning $1,000,000 in 3 weeks is impossible. Website: http://3weekmillionaire.com/ (Current status: Site no longer active)

Assuming that we refer to the 3 Week Millionaire’s creator’s calculation, we will need a deposit of over $20,000 with a fantastic success rate to be able to be a millionaire in 3 weeks. We strongly urge that traders do not deposit a single penny to this binary options auto trading software because the claims is simply too unrealistic and over-promising.

The next scam-like aspect of this binary options auto trading website is that it employs a countdown for “Spots Left” that countdowns from 10 to 1 Spot left, where it is designed to instill a sense of urgency in viewers to sign up for this software immediately. Rest assured that this countdown widget has no importance because it will go back to 10 once again should you refresh the page. The site also prevents viewers from leaving by employing a pop-up window that urge’s viewers to enter their name and email address! That would be normal in some circumstances, however we have another pop-up for this website when viewers choose to close the previous pop-up! We find it quite annoying indeed.

3 Week Millionaire’s creator is also a mysterious figure that we are unable to source information for except for the part that he loves to help people that are in need through his presentation video. Which we are unable to source for information regarding his generous help to poor people! At the same time, the creator also like to represent his software as him giving $10,000 away to people that needs money. We strongly recommend traders to stay away from this binary options auto trading software also because the binary options brokers that syncs with 3 Week Millionaire are brokers that are not very well reputable. This would cause some trouble during withdrawals of funds or worst, never get your funds back. Do check our recommended list of binary options brokers, like TopOption and choose trusted signal services/binary options auto trading software as shared in the Trusted Binary Options Signals page.

Verdict: 3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM!

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