1K in 1 Day SCAM – Review Shows Trading Fraud Evidence!

1k in 1 Day Scam Review

Is 1K in 1 Day a SCAM or Legit Trading System?

1K in 1 Day by John Becker, founder of the 1K in 1Day Trading System is a new trading system gaining some attention recently. Purely because of pledges to generate $1,000 profits every single day, for life. We’re sure that many innocent or new traders would really excited to invest with them but sadly, it will not come true. We have been looking into trading systems both legit and scams that intends to steal money from traders.

And we have strong reason to believe that 1K in 1 Day is a Scam Trading System. In fact, it carries many similar aspects to other scam trading system we Blacklisted. In reality, 1K in 1 Day is just another ‘Get Rich Quick’ fraud aiming to trick beginners.

Hence, before investing in this phony trading app, please take some time in reading the following segment where we share some of the thoughts.

Why is 1K in 1 Day a SCAM?

According to John Becker, 1K in 1 Day is a trading system capable of making $1,000 per day for the rest of your life. The software claims to have a 99.8% accuracy rate that only requires an initial deposit of $250. You would be truly mistaken if you believe this is going to be true. The truth is that real trading environment has no such thing as guaranteed $1,000 per day. Also, an accuracy rate of near 100% is impossible to even the best trader in the world.

1K in 1 Day like many Get Rich Quick Scams uses false promises to lure beginner traders to invest. What’s more interesting is, 1K in 1 Day is actually a remake of an old scam call 1K Daily Profit we exposed in the past. The older version of the scam claims the same $1,000 profits every day with false trading records. Worst, the users lost most of their investment without a single profit. Whenever we identify a comeback scam, 100% of the time we receive similar complaints from our readers about poor performance.

It is almost like a typical fraudster trying to offer you 1 million dollars just by giving your bank account detail. However, we all know that we won’t be getting the 1 million dollars and might cost us our own money. Look, online trading via Forex or Cryptocurrency isn’t a scam but rather an instrument we can all profit. Unfortunately, scammers decide to make their own poor quality trading software promising unrealistic returns.

The fact that 1k in 1Day is a comeback scam is a strong sign that traders should stay away from it. Nevertheless, there are more fake details on their website that tries to support their false claim. We’re going to share them below as they serve as a sign of cunning and phony trading system scam typically use.

Fake Details in 1K in 1 Day Trading

There is no actual video demonstration or trading history shown anywhere in their video presentation. The scammer probably can’t do so because it will just show their true colors. Nevertheless, their demonstration actually doesn’t make any sense. Say the first example where John trade a $250 funded account an execute a $25 trade. Soon after he made a $128.27 profit out of the first trade through a binary trading trade.

This shouldn’t be the case because a typical payout for a $25 trade is about $40 to $45 (70% to 85% of trade value as return). It can’t be over $100 from the first trade. Hence, John getting this fact wrong just shows that the presenter has no idea about his own trading platform and payout. Your profit for winning a $25 trade should be about $20, not 3 figures! Any trader can verify this through their own trading platform when you insert the trading amount.

John clearly manipulates the video presentation to show false winnings and make his trading system look successful. Another lie that 1K in 1 Day uses is the founder John Becker. He is just another bogus and fictional character telling lies since 1K Daily Profit Scam days. Judging by the picture depicting John, it’s obvious that it is not him but a random picture from stock photo provider.

This shows that the scammer uses a fake character to hide 1K in 1 Day scam poor performance. Furthermore, the testimonial reviews are produced by paid actors that appeared in other Scams. One of the actors provides her script reading service from Fiverr.com for a minimum of 5 bucks. She was also featured in Cogni Trade Scam few months ago as well.

John Becker 1k in 1 Day

1K in 1 Day Review Verdict

We can safely conclude 1K in 1 Day to be a SCAM especially the fact that they came back with a different name. There is no way we can turn $250 into $1,000 guaranteed in any form of trading. The only reason you will hear of such thing is that scammers that have an intention of giving the poor quality algorithm. Such Be a Millionaire fraud only tarnishes the trading industry when in actuality, it is possible to make some profit online.

As our team of reviewer and traders trading actively for a few years now, we vouch for potential profit in trading. But we have done so through our own trading system and with some help from legitimate trading systems.

We test trading systems every once in a while and thankfully found some that made us some money. Check out our Demonstration Video at our Recommended Trading Software Page! You can also check out the links below to our review and exact link to genuine trading software!

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