1500 Per Day Trading App Review – SCAM Warning! Robert Lies

1500 Per Day Scam Review Trading App

Is 1500 Per Day a Scam or Good Trading App?

1500 Per Day Trading App by Robert Mitchell invites some of my viewers to join their elite group of earners recently. According to Robert, the group members will be able to make $1,500 Per Day simply by investing a trigger amount of $250 initial deposit. Sound too good to be true? The problem with many investment schemes that promise high returns, especially like this one, will only lose your money!

In order to understand why we must dig deep into why by investing a trigger amount to access to Robert’s secret fund won’t make you money. Furthermore, some of my subscribers have already sent me some complaints from their friends about 1500 Per Day bad trading performance. Mind you, this offer is a very new offer started in June 2017. Hearing bad complaints isn’t a good sign at all!

So before you invest into 1500perday.com, please read our 1500 Per Day Trading App review before funding your account.

Why is 1500 Per Day a SCAM?

1500 Per Day  Robert Mitchell

Complaints aside, there’s one obvious signs that you should be aware of a typical “Get Rich Quick” Scams. Trading online via traditional CFD, Forex or binary options can earn you some money. But, there are many scammers around that exploits innocent traders by exaggerating unrealistic profits potentials. In this instance, 1500 Per Day claims to be able to make you $1,500 every day with only $250 trigger deposit. Ask yourself, is this even possible? Frankly, it is impossible to achieve it consistently every single day even for professional traders.

So, there is a huge chance that the presentation by Robert Mitchell is a pure sham and misleading. First and foremost, let’s consider Robert Mitchell, the voice narrator in the presentation video. Also the alleged, founder and creator of 1500 Per Day Trading App. Our investigation team found out that it is a fake character trying to act like a legit trading expert. Which explains why most scams use a voice narrator because we can’t see the face of the lying person. We also found that the picture depicting as Robert is actually a stock model photo available on the internet for use.

Another important thing to note is that about trading systems claim to have an over 90% accuracy. It is most likely a fake claim because experienced traders can testify that it is impossible! 1500 Per Day lies an about their 96% to 98% accuracy that made some of their beta testers millionaires. The negative feedback we hear about this software is the maximum low-level performance (max 50% win rate). In reality 1500 Per Day App can’t provide users with good win rate to be profitable.

Fake Testimonials & Millionaires?

Fake Testimonial 1500 Per Day

Furthermore, we identified a scam tactic that tricks viewers about verifying users results. Clearly, the actual results of poor accuracy are not ‘verified’ like the website claims to. If it is indeed true, we would have been able to click verification website logo to check their authenticity. Instead, 1500 Per Day scam gave us a fake verified results by saying there are millionaires beta testers from this trading app.

One logical reason that can disprove this is that Fake Live Trading Results that indicates currency pair trading on 9th May 2016. This can’t be true because this trading app only came about in June 2017 (a year later). Also, the pictures of the millionaire beta testers are actually stolen pictures from other websites. They are not a real person that actually made any money from 1500 Per Day Trading App.

1500 Per Day Trading App Review Verdict!

We can safely conclude that 1500 Per Day is a SCAM that is not a genuine trading software. There are in fact a good trading system that users can approach to make money online. However, there are more scams around that aims to disguise as Getting Rich Quick Software. Please refer to our Blacklist whenever you come across a trading software and verify whether it is a scam before investing!

How to Trade the Market Successfully?

There is no doubt in the power of knowledge even in trading. If you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to trade the market properly, you will learn to turn the odds in your favor. Generally, you can either trade the market by Manual Trading or use an Auto Trading Software. As mentioned, we always check out the trading system and help our readers identify legitimate software in the industry.

Only use the Tested & Proven Trading System which were capable in showing us profit potential and performance.

Auto Trading – It is a software that executes trades on behalf to the users while analyzing the market price pattern. Please be careful with the ones you choose as there are many scams around that tries to cheat your money by promising millionaire results. Only stick to the one that is proven to give some realistic results!

Manual Trading – For traders that have just entered the industry, there are Manual Trading Signal Software that you can use to get trading signals. It will provide trade direction (Up/Down) and specific expiry for your reference. It is ideal for traders that are still practicing their chart reading to confirm a trend or even for traders that would like a quick way to look at market direction. Check out a video demonstration of a Manual Trading Software at our Best Signal Page!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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