100 Percent Profit Bot is a SCAM Review! Legit or SCAM?

100 Percent Profit Bot is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!

100 Percent Profit Bot is a SCAM!

Please read our review on 100 Percent Profit before investing money into this binary options auto trading system!

100 Percent Profit Bot is one of the most expensive binary options auto trading SCAM that we have ever encountered and it has a total length of approximately 30 minutes presentation video that could possibly disorientate viewers to be unsure of what they are seeing. The sales video employs a lot of Reverse Psychology where 100 Percent Profit spend 15 minutes to criticize other binary options auto trading system and signal services as scam products and claims that 100 Percent Profit is indeed a legit system. Sometimes we wonder how far will people go in order to Scam others of their hard earn money to a scam, 100 Percent Profit is clearly a scam as there are many negative feedback from users stating that they lose $1,000 in a span of two days, while others wrote the software had a 1 out of 8 win/loss ratio, some even more unfortunate lost their $1,000 in half a day.

Based on the video, 100 Percent Profit Bot use Martingale system where it is commonly used in Roulette and is also probably known as the “Double Up” concept. The key of using this concept in binary options is because binary options brokers will limit your maximum investment per trade, hence this software uses a multi-broker system so that the trading account is able to double up with a large amount of maximum investment. To be honest, we are unsure of whether Martingale system should be used in trading binary options where the odds of winning is not as simple as Roulette. It is highly dependent on the capabilities of technical analysis where the algorithm of the bot suppose to come into play to make the calls with the highest odds, but based on the negative feedback from users, we can safely conclude that 100 Percent Profit’s algorithm is not able to work in the market AND it also requires a minimum of $1,000 investment since it requires a signing of minimum 4 binary options brokers! Imagine using a system that is not only an incapable scam, but it also cost you 4 times the normal investment for a binary options auto trading system! It is absolutely absurd!

Apart from that, 100 Percent Profit like many other binary options scam site employs the usual “Spots left” countdown widget which it is totally irrelevant and meaningless. Viewers will be able to tell that the countdown widget simply resets back to it’s original value when the page is refreshed! Additionally, the photos from various testimonial givers are also used in various other websites! This simply shows that the testimonial are fabricated to support 100 Percent Profit’s claim that the software works. Well in reality, 100 Percent Profit does not work and cost a lot of people $1,000 because it requires a minimum of 4 or more broker sign up!

We conclude that 100 Percent Profit is a SCAM binary options auto trading system that prides itself by using Martingale in trading binary options. Martingale’s concept is difficult to be applied to binary options trading and even in Roulette or Big/Small, you will need a large amount of wealth to be able to profit from this system! And it only takes a few loss streak to take the $1,000 investment from you. Additionally, $1,000 investment for a binary options auto trader should be rather risky as compared to other reliable binary options auto trading software in the industry. Put it this way, trading binary options is not like Roulette or Big/Small where the odds are like 50/50 Just imagine a trader using Martingale enters a 30 minute trade and needs to wait until expiry to find out where he loses or wins, and now the trader double up with the same call/put decision. But unfortunately the market is trending towards the other side. We highly doubt that the probability of winning in binary options trades increases with every loss just as shared in 100 Percent Profits. Right now, the most probable scenario for people that use this software is that their funds will run out pretty quick when there is just a few loss streak! Stay away from 100 Percent Profit! Do check out our Trusted Binary Options Signal page with information on reliable binary options auto trading software! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: 100 Percent Profit Bot is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System! Safer than 100 Percent Profit Bot!

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