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We are a team of day traders actively trading binary options and the Forex markets aiming to fill this blog with helpful information for other traders. Currently this blog functions as a platform to share trading solutions for other traders like trading software, a source of trading education and scam reports. We have exposed over 200 scams related to trading in our Blacklist which you should avoid investing in!

Plus, many of our readers are curious about which trading tool or software to use to help out maximize their potential! So we tested and share some example of trading tools that worked for us best and hopefully it will do you the same for you! Check out our Trading Signal Page if you are indeed seeking for such a tool!

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*Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital*

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Introduction to Binary Options

Binary Options is an instrument that offers you access to the trading markets by trading two different outcomes in the market. Binary Options traders shall predict between the targeted underlying asset will be above (CALL) or below (PUT) the current price within a certain expiry time. Traders will earn a payout ranging from 75% to 85% return upon successful trade depending on the Binary Options Brokers offered payout. In case of unsuccessful prediction investors will lose their invested capital. Please read our short introduction article on Binary Options Trading and its industry at the “Introduction for Newbies” page.

As Long As You predict the correct direction of the market, (Up or Down), You Stand to Make a Profit!


Do feel free to drop us a comment on your experiences with regards to binary options scams. This will provide further insight to the binary options trading community and help put scammers out of business! We can be contacted at and we hope to serve the binary options community in avoiding binary options scams.