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Introduction to Binary Options

Binary Options is an instrument that offers you access to the trading markets by trading two different outcomes in the market. Binary Options traders shall predict between the targeted underlying asset will be above (CALL) or below (PUT) the current price within a certain expiry time. Traders will earn a payout ranging from 75% to 85% return upon successful trade depending on the Binary Options Brokers offered payout. In case of unsuccessful prediction investors will lose their invested capital. Please read our short introduction article on Binary Options Trading and its industry at the “Introduction for Newbies” page.

As Long As You predict the correct direction of the market, (Up or Down), You Stand to Make a Profit!


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This website offers honest and unbiased reviews for new binary options services or brokers in the market. Please do subscribe to our blog and you will be updated on every identified scam related information in the market. We do our best in protecting traders from scams developers and dishonest brokers. Do not be fooled by empty promises of magically turning $100 into $2000 within a minute as you may have seen on various Youtube Videos or articles in the web.

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